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About Future Leaders

Future Leaders of Jamaica (FLJ) is dedicated to uniting like minded business professionals and corporate sponsors driven by an ideology of creating an opportunity and environment of success for students from low income households. We are an organization built on voluntarism, care, effective programs, and advocacy to promote our goals.

​Our goals include:

  • Providing educational opportunities for at-risk low income students.

  • Mentoring and developing tangible skills of member students.

  • Encouraging and assisting low income students to successfully complete high school.

  •  Preparing students for secondary and advanced level education opportunities.

  •  Representing the interest of member students and their families.

  •  Ensuring financial stability for students throughout high school.

  •  Offering development opportunities for students through events ranging from workshops to professional panels.

  •  Collaborating with dedicated business professionals who have demonstrated a proven track record of success.

  •  Providing opportunities for volunteers to fulfill their civic responsibilities.

  •  Increasing community awareness through strategic partnerships.

  •  Identifying knowledge gaps and creating strategies to address them.

Our Mission

To provide financial support to top tier students from low socio-economic backgrounds. We strive to create a level playing field, removing the financial burdens faced by low income families and to prepare students for future leadership roles.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The vision of the organization, its volunteers and sponsors are driven by a shared ideology in creating opportunities and an environment for success for our students.

The Leadership Team


Dwight Green

Executive Director, Governance

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Dwight takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development anchored by a transformation mindset. With over a decade of professional experience, he has achieved a proven track record of driving change and delivering results across various industries.


Dwight began his career at Verizon before joining one of the world’s Top 5 brands, Samsung, where he led the PMO team for the Customer Care organization. Today he is a Principal Consultant at one of the country’s largest healthcare companies, Anthem, Inc. where he leads initiatives aimed at improving the experience for the over 500,000 clinicians who provide care to the company's over 40 million members. 


Dwight holds a BSc in Construction Management along with an MBA from Morgan State University and a Master of Science in Sustainability Management at Columbia University.

Beyond work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. He values most in life the gift of faith, family and philanthropy. Inspired by his mother and humbled by the opportunities and challenges of his own life experiences, he strongly believes in education as the vehicle to self-actualization. He has been garnering support to provide resources for needy students in Jamaica since 2010.


Sacha A. Comrie, Esq

Director - Scholarship & Outreach

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Thornia Smith


Director - Org Operations 

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